Not many changes to the shops and facilities, but visitors will no doubt be struck by the number of houses in the central area with upgraded frontages.

To encourage property owners to maintain the historic centre in good condition, the local Marseillan Mairie will give property owners a subsidy of up to 30% of the cost of renovating the facades of these very old houses.  All this is dependent upon a fairly rigid set of guidelines to ensure the upgrades are authentic. See under the heading ‘Future Plans’ for our actions in this matter.

One of the very popular shops in the centre of the village is the little wine bar which opens up in the late afternoon and is well patronised until fairly late. Located in the little paved walkway beside the Boulevard Café, which also has an open air dining space across from the wine bar, it is lit at night with coloured lights and patrons gather around little tables and upright wine barrels.  A good spot for a leisurely aperitif in the evenings.