Getting Around Locally

Within the Village

11 Rue Gay Lussac is within the centre ville, the compact area surrounding the town square which was once within the ramparted wall encircling the village.

As a result of this, the streets are very narrow, often not wide enough for vehicles, so the best way to get around inside the village is by foot or bike. The area is flat and all amenities are within easy walking distance.

Between villages and in the immediate surrounding countryside, the terrain is mostly flat and there are many cycleways and walking paths. From Marseillan Port there is a well-developed cycleway direct to Marseillan Plage (the local beach), about 4km away.

Five bikes, with helmets and pumps are available for use and are an ideal way to get around, as the French are very tolerant drivers and enthusiastic cyclists.

Public Transport

There is a large train station in nearby Agde and local buses come and go regularly to the station. There is also a network of buses between villages and local towns.

The TGV comes through Agde, on its way back and forth to the central hub of Montpellier.

A visit to the local information centre will provide up to date public transport information.

By Car

The road network in the region is extensive end offers many options from the multi lane Péage (toll motorway) through to single lane country roads. In all cases the signage is very clear and the road numbering conventions make navigation very simple. Once in towns though, things can get tricky, the narrow roads and multiple one way networks can get very confusing and difficult to navigate.

Parking is also at a premium and you may need to park some distance from where you are heading at busy times.

Parking in Marseillan

As the house is within the centre ville, the streets are very narrow and there is limited parking on Rue Gay Lussac. There is, however a free public parking area approx 100 mtrs from the house and plenty of streetside parking on the village ring road and surrounding side streets.

It is usual village practice to drop off bags, shopping, beach gear etc at the front door and then park the car round the corner in the public parking.