I was delighted to find that village life is largely unchanged by the pandemic.  A few shops have closed, a few have opened, but most of the village remains as it has been over the centuries.

One of the very popular newer shops in the centre of the village is the little wine bar which opens in the late afternoon and is well patronised until late in the evening. Located in the little paved walkway linking the two central squares, and beside the Boulevard Café, which also has now extended to an open air dining space across from the wine bar, it is lit at night with coloured lights and patrons gather around little tables and upright wine barrels. A good spot for a leisurely aperitif in the evenings.

Une Bouteille à la mer Wine Bar

The Tuesday morning market is as lively as ever and there are still the monthly brocante markets in the boules area adjacent to the Port.

The upgrading of the Port area has now been completed, with new paving and some sculptures. Vehicles are no longer permitted in the area but are diverted around behind Noily Prat and the extended area is pedestrianised. At the village end of the Port, a water fall now runs into the port and at night it is lit by changing coloured lights. Although not as quaint as previously, it is a very attractive upgrade and much better without vehicles.

The Richelieu Co-operative Winery has moved from its place beside the Chateau on the Port and is now housed in a wonderful new building over the road from the Carrefour supermarket on the edge of the village.  It is worth a visit and has a great display of local wines, juices and aperitifs.